A Breakfast in Franconia

One of the better perks for an American visiting the Nuremberg Toy Fair is a Franconian breakfast every morning. You’ll find this is a typical breakfast in this area of Germany whether you are in a hotel or a guest house.

Departure platform at Frankfurt Fernbahnhof

Journey to Nuremberg Toy Fair

Starting around noon in Lancaster, PA and hoping to arrive in Erlangen, Germany, also around noon local time, next day, and six hours ahead. Two trains in Pennsylvania, a flight to Frankfurt, and two trains in Germany.

At the Gate in Philly

Trains, Planes, and Trains to Nuremberg

It’s the time of year for the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg Germany and time to arrange those travel plans. In southeastern Pennsylvania we have plenty of airport options from Dulles, BWI, Philly, and Newark. On the other side of the “pond” there are similar choices; Munich, Frankfurt, car rental or train? A car rental allows for a nice stay at a Fremdenzimmer for low cost and breakfast inclusive. Ground transportation by train limits the lodging choices.