Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2024

Spielwarenmesse theme image 2024
Spielwarenmesse theme, “Feel the Spirit of Play”, for Nuremberg in 2024.

For the most part, Nuremberg Toy Fair seems to be back to normal being held the second time post pandemic. The toy industry and the world has changed, and Spielwarenmesse continues as THE destination for toy manufacturers, retailers, and anyone with an interest in toys.

The show was tinkered with a bit, but thankfully not as badly as the US Toy Association did with the New York Fair. Nuremberg started on a Tuesday and ended the following Saturday. The consensus was that Tuesday seemed a bit on the slow side, but this could very well have been related to striking railway workers over the preceding weekend through Monday. Speaking of strikes, it seems that Germany was plagued with striking transit workers of one sort or another before, during, and after the close of the fair.

Our (Former) Brands

Below you’ll find a short synopsis on those brands euroSource has handled over the previous decades.

Käthe Kruse Presence

The booth is contained within the Toynamics section which dedicates the largest space to Hape. This year the rebranding was in display with a new logo and simpler products with trendy colors. Most of what we know as the old Käthe Kruse is just gone. For vinyl dolls, there were only Mini Bambina and Gluckskin; no Bath Baby or Puppa. The main Waldorf doll series is smaller and also more expensive. Krueslings seem to be nowhere in sight.

Kathe Kruse booth Nuremberg 2024
Kathe Kruse booth within Toynamics area, Nuremberg 2024.
Kathe Kruse history display board
Kathe Kruse history display board in the Toy Fair Booth.

In a bit of an interesting twist, the Schildkroet section within Toynamics was immediately behind Kathe Krus

Siku Models

Siku models are now coming to the USA through a state-side wholesaler. This is the first return since leaving the US market in 2010. They will soon be all over Amazon and some other online sources.

Siku booth at Nuremberg 2024
Siku booth at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2024.

Selecta Shrinks

Selecta Spielzeug remains a part of Schmidt Spiele but the width of the product line continues to shrink.

Selecta Spielzeug display within Schmidt Spiel
Selecta Spielzeug display within the Schmidt Spiel booth in Nuremberg.