CPSC Issues Engineered Wood Determination

CPSC Engineered Wood Determinations

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has published a Final Rule in the Federal Register exempting engineered wood products from third party lead, ASTM F963 heavy metals, and phthalates testing. euroSource and the Handmade Toy Alliance listed this determination among our priorities on September 13, 2012. So it is with pleasure, and relief, that we greet this news after nearly six years!

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CPSC 2017-18 Budget Priorities Hearing Testimony

Randall Hertzler testifies at CPSC Budget Hearing

Today was the CPSC 2017-2018 budget priorities hearing. euroSource was there to advocate and continue our push for burden reduction for that group of businesses too large to benefit from the Small Batch Rule and too small to realize the economy of scale that comes with mass production. To reduce the third party testing burden for small businesses we concentrate on the expansion of determinations and look for ways to perform a single test even when a manufacturer faces requirements from multiple jurisdictions like the US and the EU.

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