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Amazon premium brand discount

How Amazon Damages Premium Brands

Without dispute, Amazon has built and operates an attractive platform optimized for selling just about anything. And, that platform is incredibly effective, gathering more than 50% of initial searches for prospective buyers. That’s a hard statistic to ignore. Only a few years ago, Google was king of product search and it was the primary way […]

Piazza Montaa in Carona Switzerland, a starting place for exploring.

Novel Outdoor Art in Carona, Switzerland

The small village of Carona in the canton of Ticino Switzerland is home to an enjoyable outdoor art exhibit during the summer of 2017. Carona IMMAGINA is a photography exhibition organized by Galleria LaLoggia in Carona. There are three pathways within the exhibit which┬áserves a secondary purpose (intended or not) of enticing visitors through the […]

Some Toy Safety History

Modern European toy safety standards were discussed in the early 1980s and were formalized with Directive 88/378/EEC in 1988. This directive was replaced by┬áDirective 2009/48/EC and includes the safety standards commonly know as EN-71. The 2009 Directive has received numerous updates, most recently in November of 2015. These updates address new developments in toy design […]