The 2020 Nuremberg Toy Fair – Pandemic

We knew there were virus problems in China and just weeks before the start of the fair, there were reports of some cases in Munich. The day I was to leave, my Airbnb host cancelled because of fear of bringing COVID into their home. Uncertainty surrounded the entire event and we all were being quite vigilant – looking out for, well, the unknown. Airbnb kindly helped me find new digs which turned out to be much better and resulted in some new very good friends.

The most talked about part of the fair was how everyone seemed to stay away from Hall 11, the one housing all of the smaller Asia-based toy brands. Otherwise, it was kind of a normal toy fair, but little did we know what the next month held.

So just a short look back at some photos from euroSource:

Selecta brand window
One of our most missed brands, Selecta, still made in Germany but not brought to the US.
Schildkroet dolls brand display
Schildkroet dolls brand display, one of the only play doll companies that manufactures in Germany.
Siku launches Toddys
Siku launches Toddys at the 2020 Nuremberg Toy Fair.
Kathe Kruse displays a pared down product line
Kathe Kruse displays a pared down product line.
Kathe Kruse collectors doll
There are no dolls that are as beautiful as Kathe Kruse dolls – amazing detail and the most pleasant face.