A Note to Congress on CPSIA +3 Years

The CPSIA law was a knee-jerk reaction by congress in 2008 in response to dangerous toys manufactured in China. For three years now, the regulations included in this law have have withered and snuffed small businesses in children’s products. Congress wrote a law that treats small businesses and crafters EXACTLY the same as multinational corporations manufacturing off-shore. The net effect is that the market for children’s products is tilted towards these large companies that can afford to deal with the regulations while the small businesses (that create jobs in America) wither and die. It is widely accepted that the CPSIA must be fixed, but congress seemingly has no will to work together to do so.

Here at euroToyShop.com we’ve experienced significant lost business due to the diminishing supply of small batch toys from Europe. Our government is punishing us because of something Mattel did – it’s an outrage. I’ve become active within the Handmade Toy Alliance (www.handmadetoyalliance.org) and have been to Washington many times fighting for common sense relief from the CPSIA. It’s a tough fight to carry on with only feet, pen and voice – because now money and attorneys count more in DC.

Congress – prove you really do care about burdensome regulations that stifle job creation and FIX THE CPSIA!