Amazon premium brand discount

How Amazon Damages Premium Brands

Without dispute, Amazon has built and operates an attractive platform optimized for selling just about anything. And, that platform is incredibly effective, gathering more than 50% of initial searches for prospective buyers. That’s a hard statistic to ignore. Only a few years ago, Google was king of product search and it was the primary way […]

The navigation landscape

Top 5 Reasons for a Managed Virtual Brand Presence

For small to medium size businesses based in Europe, addressing the US market is both attractive and frightening. There is the possibility of great reward but the business landscape is also fraught with unknowns and complications. These can be overcome with experience but the learning process is often not pleasant. A trusted, experienced partner can […]

Kathe Kruse

euroSource launches branded Käthe Kruse USA web site

Today, euroSource LLC has partnered with Käthe Kruse GmbH to launch a branded web site in the USA at The idea for a branded store was born late in 2012 and sprouted during Toy Fair in Nuremberg Germany 2013. Both companies are excited about new opportunities to promote the brand within the USA. Now the […]