euroSource Adds Features to Improve Customer Experience on Web Site

LANCASTER, PA – euroSource has added new features to improve customer’s shopping experience on its web site,, which offers a large variety of quality European toys. Founded in 1999 by Randall Hertzler and Terry Yoder, euroSource is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company provides top quality European products and rewarding service in an online shopping environment.

euroSource has modified its web site design to support high quality photos of products. When viewing a product, a new magnify icon indicates the presence of a detailed photo. Clicking the icon opens a new web browser window with the detailed photo. This breaks a barrier to online sales by providing a larger and more accurate visual description of a product and thus a better experience for the customer.

The “New Catalog Items” link on the home page allows customers to immediately see products that have arrived in inventory for the first time. It is a quick way for repeat customers to identify products recently added to the catalog.

The “Top 15” link on the home page gives customers access to buying preferences of other customers by showing the top 15 selling toys. It is a great way to have a shared shopping experience online without any loss of privacy or security.

In a time of uncertainty in the e-commerce economy, euroSource is committed to improving the experience of online buyers. For additional information on euroSource or the products that they offer visit their web site at, email, or call 717/517-6527.