Why Play Matters

Play is how children have fun, acquire skills, experience success, and build self-esteem. Through play children practice, reinforce and remember what they are learning. Creative play is a central activity in the lives of healthy children. Why, then have we seen the decline of play in the United States and other countries around the world? […]

Start a Family Tradition Celebrating Advent

Children normally get excited in December as Christmas approaches and celebrating advent is a way to use that excitement to build lasting family memories. Traditionally, the advent calendar was a paper-board design depicting a house or village with “windows” that opened to reveal a Christmas image, poem or scripture inside. There are 24 (or sometimes […]

Worldwide Day of Play

Yes, there is an event called the Worldwide Day of Play. This annual event was initiated by none other than the Nickelodeon TV channel in October of 2004. For 2010 it’s held this Saturday, the 25th of October. Nickelodeon programming goes off the air from noon till 3pm, as a means to get kids to play – read […]