2016 ICPHSO Symposium

Product Safety Conversations for Small and Micro Businesses

Small and micro businesses have always been on the tail end of the product safety conversations taking place within government, regulators, and large industry associations. This forces them into a reactive position when a proactive position is preferred. But there are some options to at least stay connected and source the information required to become or stay compliant in a highly regulated children’s product marketplace.

Randall Hertzler lobbies on Capital Hill

The CPSIA – what a long strange trip its been

The saga of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) continues, now down a new path. A week ago on August 1st, congress moved through H.R. 2715 to address the unintended consequences of the CPSIA. After nearly three years of work to stop the growth of endangered and extinct toys from the misguided legislation that is CPSIA, […]

Nancy Nord, CPSC Commissioner, Offers Thoughts on CPSIA

The Washington Times posted an Op Ed piece from CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord on overregulation and its costs on society. In this case, the overregulation is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – the source of all of the extinct and endangered toys on our web site. I applaud this voice of reason from the CPSC. Excuse the Biblical comparison, but this voice […]