Control Scan Certifies As A Safe Shopping Site

ATLANTA, GA – As a measure to increase privacy and security and to prevent hackers and thieves from accessing sensitive information from its customers, euroToyShop hired ControlScan and subscribed to the Business Secure Plan. Through its unique process, ControlScan will conduct security tests and audits of and certify the site’s security. Once a company passes the security process associated with the Business Secure Plan it receives the Hacker Defended, Privacy Protected and Business Background Reviewed certificates. These certificates are renewed daily, allowing euroToyShop’s customers to receive independent third-party verification of the site’s actual security before they decide to give out sensitive personal data. “As information about privacy and security becomes more rampant, consumers are learning that it is not safe to give just any business their personal information. Likewise, businesses owners understand that they must take precautions to protect themselves and their customers from these criminals,” said Director of Technology Randall Hertzler at euroToyShop. “By using ControlScan’s Business Secure Plan we hope to give both parties the assurance that their transactions are secure.”

About EuroToyShop is an online toy store offering specialty toys imported from a selection of fine European manufacturers such as Bruder, Kathe Kruse, LEGO, Ravensburger, Schleich, Selecta Spielzeug and Siku. Its range of European toys is durable, encourages creativity and helps children with healthy development. More information is available at