Kathe Kruse

euroSource launches branded Käthe Kruse USA web site

Today, euroSource LLC has partnered with Käthe Kruse GmbH to launch a branded web site in the USA at http://www.kathekruse-usa.com. The idea for a branded store was born late in 2012 and sprouted during Toy Fair in Nuremberg Germany 2013. Both companies are excited about new opportunities to promote the brand within the USA. Now the […]

Cloth doll Timmy

Cloth baby doll Timmy from Käthe Kruse

We’ve finally received our shipment of cloth Timmy dolls from Käthe Kruse in Germany. Timmy has a famous sister Elli who starred in the Maytag washer Tea for Two commercial. Timmy may not have a TV commercial to brag about, but he is durable and washable just like his sister. Maybe he can find fame in […]

Kathe Kruse Doll Elli From Maytag Two For Tea Commercial

The star of the Maytag Two for Tea commercial is a Käthe Kruse soft cloth doll named Elli! She is ready to become part of your family and you can see her here: http://www.kathekruse-usa.com/cloth-baby-doll-elli.html. Also check out Elli’s sister Lilli, and her brother Timmy too!