Build a Brand Presence

euroSource designs and builds branding programs for European toy companies interested in a US presence without the cost burden of a US office.

Palette of Services

Choose as much or as little from a palette of services that help to establish your brand in the United States.

  • A descriptive web site that provides information about your brand, showcases products, highlights look-books, builds your style content with a blog, and engages potential customers.
  • Branded domain web sites and e-commerce stores using your own dot-com domain.
  • Sub-branded e-commerce stores within the domain in a mall-like setting.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, twitter.
  • Establish a YouTube video channel.
  • A phone number and other communication systems answered by real people.

Contact us for more information about establishing a brand presence in the US.

Example Sub-branded Stores @ euroSource

We use the domain to operate retail e-commerce stores where the products from a brand are featured independently – no clutter from other products or dilution for alternate brands.

Anker Steinbaukasten logo
Anker Steinbaukasten (Anchor Stone building block sets)
Kathe Kruse logo
Kaethe Kruse (Kathe Kruse dolls and cloth baby and toddler toys)