Product Analysis

When you are considering entering the US market with your children’s product, it is imperative to consider the rules and regulations necessary for compliance. The first step is an analysis of your product to determine its classification and the rules and requirements applicable.

Single Product Analysis

Service What to Expect, Deliverables Time Cost
Classify and identify rules for a single product

You supply a sample (or samples) of your product for analysis along with your suggested age grading. euroSource provides:

  1. Confirmation of your age grading or a suggested age grading.
  2. A list of CPSC Children’s Product Safety Rules applicable to your product.
  3. Non-CPSC rules that may apply: from FTC, FDA or other government agencies.
  4. A sample Children’s Product Certificate.
  5. CPSC Determinations that can ease your testing requirements.
  6. Certified testing labs near your manufacturing.
3 days to 2 weeks


(Cost may vary for complex / simple products)

Contact us for more information, to start an analysis, or for quotes on complex or unusual products.